QuantHouse to Extend Turquoise European Midpoint Matching Services

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The Turquoise Plato midpoint matching service now encompasses 18 European securities.

Market data and trading solution provider QuantHouse has been selected by Turquoise, the London Stock Exchange-owned European multilateral trading facility (MTF), to provide real-time primary market data feeds to its Turquoise Plato midpoint matching services.

QuantHouse’s primary market data feeds will extend the Turquoise Plato midpoint matching services, including the Turquoise Plato Block Discovery service, to cover securities of 18 European countries, inclusive of recently-added emerging markets such as Hungary and the Czech Republic.

“QuantHouse provides bid and offer prices from primary markets, which Turquoise references within its Turquoise Plato order book innovations such as Turquoise Plato Block Discovery, Turquoise Plato Uncross, and Turquoise Plato Dark Lit Sweep  that offer investors benefits of potential price improvement when trading using a midpoint reference price for a better result on a consistent basis, the very definition of Mifid best execution,” says Robert Barnes, CEO of Turquoise.

Turquoise and Plato Partnership joined forces in September last year, when Plato took on responsibility to jointly-operate Turquoise’s platforms, as well as its mid-point order book.

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