Bill Pulte: “Wall Street Starts to Adopt Bitcoin”

Famous billionaire Bill Pulte shared a post about Bitcoin and Wall Street. In his post, Pulte said that Wall Street is finally starting to adopt Bitcoin.

Famous billionaire and philanthropist Bill Pulte shared a post about Wall Street and Bitcoin on Twitter. Bill Pulte commented “late or not hard” for Wall Street, which is starting to adopt Bitcoin.

Famous billionaire wants more use of Bitcoin

In the article shared by Alex Dovbnya of U.Today, it was stated that billionaire Bill Pulte noticed that the rate of institutional adoption of Bitcoin is on the rise. Known for his philanthropy, Pulte announced in December 2019 that he purchased 11 Bitcoins and wanted to increase the use of Bitcoin as a philanthropist. The rise in the billionaire’s interest in Bitcoin was evident in a tweet he shared in May. In his post dated May 13, Pulte said:

“Here are 3 things you want to keep an eye on:

1) Bitcoin

2) gold

3) Silver ”

Pulte said in July, again on Twitter, that he would send money to users to buy Bitcoins via CashApp. The post that Pulte shared on July 10th received over 14 thousand likes and over 6 thousand comments. The billionaire stated that he wanted his money to be invested in Bitcoin, saying that Bitcoin will be much higher in the future.

According to Alex Dovbnya’s article, Pulte believes that Bitcoin can act as a great helper for non-bankers and is therefore trying to encourage Bitcoin adoption. The famous billionaire said the following about the adoption of Bitcoin on October 27:

“Bitcoin has finally managed to attract love and attention. You too know what that means. Bitcoin will be around for a long, long time! ”

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