Binance DEX adds support for smart advertising token SaTT

  • Smart advertising token, SaTT, is now listed on both of the world’s largest DEXes.
  • The coin was first supported by Uniswap, only for Binance DEX listing to quickly follow.
  • Both SaTT and Binance CEOs agree that decentralization is the future, and that this should be supported.

Smart advertising token SaTT has seen quite a bit of activity recently. It was listed on the world’s largest decentralized exchange (DEX), Uniswap, and soon after that, Binance DEX decided to add support for it, as well.

SaTT emerges on Binance DEX

With the Binance DEX listing, SaTT is now available on the two largest decentralized exchanges in the world. The move comes at an excellent time for SaTT. Currently, the crypto industry is seeing a rally larger than any before, including the one from 2017.

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Back then, the BTC price climbed to its ATH at $20k. In the last three weeks, however, the coin crossed that record, making new ATHs every other day. The coin’s recent milestone was at $40,000 — two times higher than in 2017. The rally included the altcoin market, as well, and so ETH crossed the $1,200 mark, while the total crypto market cap exceeded $1 trillion for the first time ever.

Decentralized exchanges have seen a massive amount of growth in usage, as well, mostly in 2020, as the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector started to develop.

Decentralization is the future, says CZ

There are many who believe that decentralized exchanges are the future, including Binance’s own CEO, Changpeng Zhao. While Binance itself is centralized — and so are its numerous subsidiaries around the world — it was important for the firm to launch a DEX, as it believes that the time of DEXes will come at some point.

In fact, Zhao believes that the momentum is increasing, and that this is the time to go all-in on decentralization.

SaTT CEO, Gauthier Bros, agrees with this statement and sentiment, noting the amount of activity recorded in the DeFi sector. His project is also creating a Uniswap-like liquidity pool system for their own DEX, 3Xchange.

On Uniswap, SaTT is listed as WSATT, while the project’s team created a new version of the token for Binance DEX, called BSATT. The coin is now optimized for Binance Chain, and it can be listed directly against BUSD and BNB, without the need for the validators to go through a voting process.

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