Bitcoin Is Crying Out For A Place In Your Portfolio. Beware Of The Risks.

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Bitcoin’s trading since it was discovered more than a decade ago has been volatile. Along with a host of other cryptocurrencies, the digital token has garnered a growing tribe of proponents and an equal number of detractors.

Bitcoin surged to new records before suddenly crashing in 2017, leaving investors with losses amid global clamour for regulation.

In mid-December this year, the cryptocurrency again reached $20,000. The most popular digital coin then breached that level and went even higher. Last week, it came close to $30,000. This year’s surge in cryptocurrencies, particularly in Bitcoin, is different from the last one because of the participation of large institutions.

But how should it fit in the average retail investor’s portfolio? And should it find a place at all?

On this BQ Big Decisions podcast, BloombergQuint speaks to author, angel investor and expert on Bitcoin Ajeet Khurana about what to keep in mind when deciding whether to invest in Bitcoin.

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