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Texas Police Officers Parody ‘Your Vehicle’s Extended Warranty’ Scam Robocalls

Police officers in Fulshear, Texas, shared a video parodying scam phone calls about extended vehicle warranties on November 20.In the video filmed by Captain Michael McCoy, Sergeant Roger Thurman walks up to a vehicle as if during a traffic stop and says, “There’s people trying to get in touch in regards to your vehicle extended warranty.”The Federal Communications Commission has warned the public to be cautious of calls from scammers posing as representatives of car dealers, manufacturers or insurers that warn of auto warranties or insurance that is about to expire.“During the call – which often begins automated or pre-recorded – you may be instructed to press a certain number or stay on the line, then asked to provide personal information, which potentially can be used to defraud you,” the Federal Communications Commissions said.According to a survey conducted by First Orion, a company that provides phone call information, 86 percent of respondents had received a robocall about car warranty, and 30 percent had received one within a week of the survey. Credit: Fulshear Police via Storyful

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