How to store and buy bitcoin easily?

People who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and are unaware of how to store or buy the cryptocurrencies are in the right place. The world’s first person-to-person digital currency is bitcoin that was introduced by an individual or a group of individuals named Satoshi Nakamoto. He created bitcoin to provide people an electronic medium of exchange that is not dependent on intermediaries. To perform transactions with bitcoin, the users don’t require financial institutions and the government’s approval. For more information you can go through Bitcoin Era Official website

Bitcoin is a virtual digital currency that has no physical appearance, and therefore these are stored in digital wallets. Through digital wallets, users can easily transfer the funds to different accounts across the world. All the cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, and more are stored in digital wallets. To complete the transaction, a user needs to know the wallet address of others, and through this, they can transfer funds using the private keys. 

Hot wallet

One of the easiest ways to transfer the cryptocurrencies is through hot wallets. You don’t need to either download or install the wallet and because the private keys of hot wallets are stored online. This allows fast transfers, but as compared to other wallets, these are less reliable. 

Cold wallet

The complete blockchain of cold wallets is downloaded and installed on the computer. For once, all the transactions are signed offline and are published online. One of the safest ways to complete the transfer of cryptocurrencies is a cold wallet. 

Web wallet

The web wallet is a type of hot wallet in which the sender can transfer the cryptocurrencies using the wallet address and private key. In web wallets, the private keys are handled by third parties, and these are more immune to attacks. 

Mobile wallet

For daily users, a mobile wallet is the best option to transfer cryptocurrencies. Mobile wallets provide users the ease to transfer funds by scanning the QR code. 

Desktop wallet 

Desktop wallets are a type of cold wallets as the private keys of these wallets are stored on services, and the client machine acts as a mediator between the server and the internet. 

Where to buy bitcoins?

With the increasing popularity of bitcoin, the places to buy bitcoins have been increased. Let us explore some of the best places to buy bitcoins:


One of the well-renowned and biggest platforms that allow the purchase of bitcoin is Coinbase. It not only supports bitcoin but also supports Litecoin and Ethereum. Users need to sign up and add their bank account to start the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Like bitcoin exchanges, Coinbase charges a different fee to complete the bitcoin transactions. Coinbase is a secured platform, and this can be accessed via mobile or web app. The users can secure their wallets using multi-factor authentication. 

Cash App

Cash app is a mobile application that allows its users to transfer bitcoins without any requirement of transaction fees. You can easily and freely send bitcoins to your friends and family through the Cash app. This mobile app is from Square, a big financial, technical company that provides plenty of services. The price on the Cash app is right, and users charge no fee for transacting funds. 


Robinhood is a platform that began its journey as a stock brokerage but later expanded to digital currencies. The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge any fee. Users can easily buy and sell all different digital currencies for free. It is a mobile application, but it can also be used on a desktop, and it is best for managing money. Users only need to login and create their account on Robinhood.

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