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Idemitsu Lube launches Water-soluble Cutting Oil -Daphne Alphacool CS

– CNC Machine users to see reduced costs and personnel safety NEW DELHI, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Idemitsu has set in motion with Daphne Alphacool CS, a water-soluble cutting oil assisting to improve the work environment through a special surfactant imparted with high heat resistance property. This oil significantly mitigates mist and volatile ingredients effectively. Further, it minimises odour in the shop floor and stickiness in and around the machine compared to conventional water-soluble cutting oils. The excellent defoaming property makes it suitable for high speed and high-pressure machining centres. Its compatibility with metal and non-metal is convenient for machining all product types and its rubber compatibility makes it a safer cutting oil for machine parts like coolant hose and electrical wires.

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