This Defi Token is Your Opportunity to Enter 2021 with New Age decentralized Finance


  • The DeFi Current Market Volume accounts for $4.18 billion which is 3.47% of the total crypto market.
  • The new DEX, Arrano Network will host ANDX Defi pre-sale from 14th Dec 2020
  • The token will enter DeFi market with only 60% out its total supply of 81,800

Since the inception of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, centralized exchanges dominated the crypto space. As they provide an enhanced system of security, the crypto masses always tend to depend on centralized exchanges.

However, a parallel ecosystem exists called decentralized exchanges (DEX) which​ operates without any middlemen or custodians as in the centralized exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges and DeFi tokens have rapid adoption count.​

Surprisingly, the Defi tokens have a total market capitalization of $16.92 billion, in just 20 months. And the total volume in DeFi is currently $4.18 billion which is 3.47% of the total crypto market.

Experts and Professionals say that 2021-22 is the DeFi time and the Defi tokens are predicted to grow rapidly with the growing insertion of Ethereum infrastructure into the space. Additionally, ETH 2.0 will increase the total volume, creating a strong dominance.

ANDX DeFi token, a finance protocol by a visionary decentralized exchange, Arrano Network Dex. The Platform has shown magnificent popularity in mainstream crypto and has a community of 100,000+ active users globally, calling it Arrano Community.

* Traders update : Arrano announced the Pre-Sale of ANDX Defi token, Limited sale, buy at lowest 

ANDX – The Future of DeFi Tokens

ANDX is an ERC-20 DeFi token with a total supply of  81,800 tokens. Introduced by the Arrano Network, a decentralized exchange and crypto community with 100000+ active members. Building dominance with its visionary approach towards crypto service.

ANDX is available for presale at the lowest price on 14th December 2020. Having a total supply of 81,800. Notably,  60%,(49,080 ANDX) are alloted for this public sale.

It’s an Open Source event with daily limited hardcap, aimed to complete in 3 Phases (Begins from 14th Dec 2020​)​ , the timeline will be adjusted if the hard cap isn’t covered.

 Why are traders attracted to ANDX tokens?

With the fact that ANDX is a DeFi token, there are yet more reasons why traders are eagerly waiting to invest in this crypto on the deck of holding it or trading it.

  • Defi with Less Total Supply
  • One of the largest Crypto and Defi community
  • ANDX will be listed on Uniswap, 1Inch, curve finance, injective protocol and other D-exchanges.
  • Strong Market Sentiment and Project outline with Ethereum platform. 
  • Potential Products From Arrano.

 The ANDX Defi Sale details

ANDX sale begins on Dec 14, 2020 and lasts for just 3 days ( It may be extended if hard cap is not reached )

Total Supply : 81,800
Total Allocated for Pre-Sale :60% (49,080)
Soft cap: 20,000 ANDX

Phase  1 : Dec 14 : 0.12  ETH  = 1 ANDX   ( 10 %  Hardcap )
Phase  2  : Dec 15 till hard cap : 0.15 ETH = 1 ANDX    ( 20% Hardcap  )
Phase  3 : Dec 16 till hard cap: 0.20 ETH = 1 ANDX     ( 30% Hardcap  )  

*Note :  The Sale timeline will be extended if the hard cap isn’t reached. 

 Details – 

 What is Arrano Network?

Arrano Network is a Decentralized Exchange and community-driven ecosystem with the roadmap of developing crypto products for the growth of the crypto community. The ecosystem is fueled by ANO token, the native token, which is used for rewards, fees, trade  and Fist exchange. Inline with the roadmap.

Arrano DEX is an Ethereum-based protocol for swapping the ERC-20 tokens. Traders can exchange their tokens of Arrano DEX without anyone’s interference or any middleman. Arrano has designed an attractive fee structure for lending the cryptocurrencies a trader holds into the liquidity pool.

Arrano network also provides additional benefits compared to that of the other exchanges such as;

  • High validation and low cost
  • High volume and liquidity
  • Offers P2P Fiat exchange
  • Vast Community expanding each day
  • Native Token ANDX

How Does it Work?

As the Arrano is a Decentralized exchange, there is no process of placing an order or having any centralized medium to authorize the transaction. Arrano provides a one-stop solution to carry out an exchange or trading.

In the absence of the order book, the protocol has created a liquidity pool where-in the liquidity providers contribute to the liquidity of the exchange with their ETH address and make money from it.

They can simply exchange their ERC-20 tokens without any order-book or any middleman as the pool is completely decentralized.

One of the unique features of the Arrano network is it finds the lowest deal among the other exchanges and presents it to the user. For example, which finds the best hotel deals by comparing other websites, Arrano finds the lowest deal, if you want to buy any token on its platform.

At present, Arrano Network is running airdrop and bounty programs, wherein an individual can register and earn free 100 ANO tokens. There is also a referral bounty that offers 100 ANO on each successful invite. Various other social media activities are also offered by which the individuals can earn ANO tokens on completion.

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