Unique and themed afternoon tea in London

This vintage-themed spectacular isn’t technically an afternoon tea, but it most certainly is one of the most unmissable dining experiences in London. Underground bar Carhoots, in Carnaby Street’s Kingly Court, is known for its quirky concept transporting guests back in time to a post-war 1940’s disused underground tube station, with real train carriages for seats, vintage themed cocktails and a speakeasy feel. 

Every Saturday the venue puts on a unique, ‘tipsy tea’ take on the usual afternoon tea set up, swapping scones and finger sandwiches for picnic treats like hot pies, dips and crisps, generously filled sandwiches and, most importantly, unlimited cocktails. Unlike traditional teas, your choices are not limited to bubbly, but a whole range of seriously delicious alcoholic drinks. From the creamy Mornin’ Mr Milkman to the zingy, gin-based Down the Apples and Pears, we think you’ll enjoy filling your boots. 

But what makes this experience stand out from all the others? Well it has to be the fabulous live entertainment, which will have you laughing from start to finish. Lois ‘Legs’ Laurelle is your host, and between the jokes, conga line and serenading, there’s absolutely no way you won’t have a good time. With a group of a friends, this is the ultimate way to spend a Saturday. 

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