What a CBD apartment costs you in South Africa… and how to pay for it

Whether you’re investing, building for the future or settling down with your new family, the time has come to take the plunge and pick up some city centre property.

So what can you expect to get for your hard-earned Rand these days? And how will you pay for what you buy? We have the answers from right across South Africa’s CBDs, where the perfect house is waiting for you once you have that crucial home loan sorted.

Joburg Sandton

If you want to be slap bang in the middle of South Africa’s beating heart, you’re looking at paying north of R21,500 per square metre for your new home. But that’s The Richest Square Mile In Africa for you.

For the majority of us, that means taking out a home loan, right? Don’t panic, here are a few things your bank will be looking out for when you make your application.

Let’s take the heat out of the property market, with prices in Bloem coming in at almost half that of bustling Jozi.

No problems with the sums adding up either, with Nedbank’s home loan calculator you have a handy tool for sussing out what you can manage to repay and when.

R12,000 per square metre, or thereabouts, could well provide a home for you in the Free State.

Cape Town has the 5th best blue sky in the world, according to researchers

Brace yourself! The Mother City’s booming market has led to a hefty price hike on the housing front. We’re talking almost R33,000 for every square metre you own if you’re investing in the City Bowl.

Figures like that mean it’s all the more important to be adaptable on your payments. Happily, Nedbank has plenty of options, from choosing when you pay to how quickly you want to pay.

If you’re thinking of the self-styled Friendly City for your big house move, PE will warmly embrace you with an average CBD apartment price of R16,000 per square metre.

While you’ve got a self-styled city, how about some self-service banking to go with it? Nedbank puts your home loan into your own hands at no extra cost.

The Union Buildings in Pretoria: seat of the South African government/Wikipedia/ Davinci77

A capital idea if you don’t mind making the Gautrain hop from Sandton, and you’ll save a small fortune. The Tshwane region is on the rise and now’s as good a time as any to invest, with city centre apartments costing around R7,500 per square metre.

That’s quite the bargain for your bricks and mortar. Still not convinced? Check out these top reasons why now is the time for you to make your move.

The sound of the Indian Ocean waves lapping on the shoreline could be yours for even less than a spot in Pretoria, with R7,400 a square metre a good estimate.

That kind of price means there must be a rush on sooner or later. Thankfully, you can make your home loan application in just three minutes through Nedbank, who will even throw in a 30% attorney discount once you’re up and running.

Happy house hunting!

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