Brexit: How British second home owners can spend longer than 90 days in Europe | Home

In this grimmest of winters, it is tempting for Brits with a second home in Europe to head south indefinitely. But after Brexit, British property owners with an EU bolthole are no longer allowed to spend more than three months there within a six-month span. After 90 days, you must leave that country, and not set foot in the EU for another 90 days — not even for a weekend in Paris.

But for those who crave long stays on the continent, there are still options. If you are wealthy enough, you can secure an EU passport through citizenship-by- investment schemes in Austria (from €3 million) and Malta (from €1.4 million).

For non-oligarchs, there are more modestly priced residency-by-investment programmes (from €250,000, or about £222,000)

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