Brexit news latest – EU to BAN British sausages as gloomy Brussels orders states to urgently prepare for no-deal Brexit


Supplies of crucial medicines including potential Covid-19 vaccines could be disrupted if the government fails to reach a Brexit deal for the pharmaceutical sector, industry leaders have said.

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) warned Sky News that extra cost, red-tape and possible delays could follow a no-deal Brexit.

Dr Richard Torbett, chief executive of the ABPI, said: “We are as prepared as we can possibly be, but we don’t need this extra red tape, extra complexity, extra cost and extra delay getting in the way of our supply chain at a time where we’re trying to deal with Covid.”

As an EU member, British companies enjoy mutual recognition of manufacturing standards including ‘batch testing and release’, meaning every batch of medicines produced has to be checked and approved.

Dr Torbett added: “Immediately what would happen [with no deal] is that there would be duplication of all sorts of processes, whether that’s inspections in manufacturing facilities, whether it’s duplication and testing of medicines or vaccines.

“All of that introduces more cost and complexity, and ultimately potentially delay, into the supply chain. So we’ve been really clear with everybody what the risks are here. It’s very important they are listened to and prioritised by all parties that are negotiating this agreement.”

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