Cürex Supports Microsecond Timestamp Trade Confirmation for MiFID Compliance

The Cürex Group today announced further enhancement to its institutional FX execution services with the roll-out of microsecond timestamp confirmations for their clients’ trading activity.

This new capability serves not only to meet regulatory standards such as MiFID II but also to prepare for the future of the industry by improving accuracy of its timestamps functionality.

Expanding upon their previous millisecond capabilities, timestamps within the Cürex platform can now be recorded and communicated with accuracy measured down to the microsecond.

In addition, the company has refined its ability to meet the increasing demands of modern trading applications by allowing users to “walk the book backward and forward by the microsecond to study the market before execution and after to gain deeper insight into their trading impact.”

Jamie Singleton, Cürex Group Chairman and CEO commented: “Over the last seven years, we have consistently invested in technology and analytical capability to anticipate and support the needs of our buy side customers. Upcoming regulatory mandates like MiFID II will put increasing emphasis on best execution and the level of precision we are delivering to our clients.”

“Our corporate goal is to be the foreign exchange choice for best execution. Our microsecond timestamp capability, our unique pre- and post-trade analytics, and our fully anonymous, no last look liquidity pool, deliver compliant solutions for our customers. We are committed to continue to innovate and bring products and services to the buy side that lower their cost of execution and deliver trading outcomes that allow them to meet their fiduciary responsibilities,” Singleton concluded.

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