NSW COVID-19 restrictions to be lifted for more businesses as cases surpass 5.3 million, worldwide, Australia death toll at 102


Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced the third stage of the federal government’s mental health response encompassing $20 million in mental health research funding, including $3 million for investigating the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health.

Addressing media in Canberra on Monday, Mr Hunt said just over $10 million of the funding would go towards suicide prevention and more than $6 million was to be put towards better tailored mental health medication.

“As we focus rightly on the health of Australians, we must never lose sight of the mental health of Australians,” he said.

“Everybody in this room, everybody in any other room in Australia, if not themselves or their families, [will know] people that have had stress, anxiety and pressure at different points in their lives, but particularly during an unprecedented health crisis which has an unprecedented economic impact on the country.”

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