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Talking to CNBC, investment committee member at Quilvest Wealth Management, Bob Parker, claims that there is ‘extreme uncertainty’ about the probability of Brexit negotiations being completed by March 2019. 

“We do not know how the Brexit negotiations will evolve and we don’t know whether the timetable of March 2019 is going to be adhered to. I think frankly the probability of that happening is close to zero.”

Parker explained that May’s government are not ready of Brexit and referred to Sir Vince Cable’s statement about the fact that Brexit ‘may never happen’. 

“My serious point is that we have uncertainty about the outcome on Brexit,” argued Parker.

He disputed the financial instability caused by Brexit and said: “Obviously there is uncertainty about the impact on the rest of the European Union, and I think that could be one negative factor – which is why Eurozone growth, yes, it improves towards 2%, but are we going to get Eurozone growth going to 2 and half to 3%? No.”

Parker’s statement follows allegations that the British Brexit team are ‘unprepared’ to deal with Brexit negotiations.

Talking to Bloomberg Markets: Asia, Professor Fariborz Moshirian said that evidence showed the British Brexit team is not “as prepared as it should be” and that the lack of a clear “Plan B” is worrying.

“We don’t see signs of a Plan B as opposed to what they’re trying to do. It’s creating more uncertainty to whether this particular team is able to have an effective negotiation over the next 18 months. What we know is that the time is ticking.”

Even the experts don’t know what’s going to happen. But all indications are, with such deep levels of integration in Economics, finance, trade, it will be a very mighty task for the UK to be able to pull together everything in a very cohesive way, virtually in 18 months time.”

However, the news that the British are not prepared comes as Eurocrats try to make a “catastrophe” of Brexit to “punish the British”, as explained a senior German politician declared.

Hans-Olaf Henkel, deputy head of the European Parliament’s industry, research and energy committee, claimed that he European parliament’s Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt was responsible in “no small part for the disaster of Brexit”.

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