Brexit news latest – ‘Two YEAR’ implementation period even if last-minute Brexit deal struck before December 31 deadline

BRITAIN faces a “one or two year” implementation period even if a last minute Brexit deal is struck, experts said today.

Trade adviser Shanker Singham, who has been a key figure in shaping post-Brexit trade policy, told MPs today that the EU would likely back Britain into a corner in order to get a better deal for Brussels.

“The issue is whether a political deal can be done in the time, then there can be implementation periods and specific periods to cover ratification, but no one is going to talk about this right now because we are still in a negotiation,” he said.

Fleshing out the idea of a ratifcation period Professor Catherine Barnard added: “There may be a one or two-year proper implementation period to steadily turn off the positions we are in.”

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