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The Canadian prime minister backed a roll-over agreement to be concluded before the end of the year. While the EU-UK trade talks have become bogged down in complexities, Mr Trudeau said Ottawa would work to ensure a “smooth” transition in trade between Britain and Canada. He said: “Discussions on that seamless transition on a rollover of the CETA for the basis of a UK-Canada FTA, which would allow certainty for Canadian and British companies going into the future.

“There are significant complexities complexities that the UK is grappling with in terms of negotiating the post-Brexit agreement with the EU.

“It’s fairly straightforward and we’re certainly very optimistic to see things roll over smoothly.

“The UK is engaged in many different negotiations right now but Canada is certainty there to ensure this certainty that can be given to British companies with Canada as other things are worked out in a very complex way.”

Mr Trudeau made the comments after holding an EU-Canada video conference with European presidents Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen.


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