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The row over Dominic Cummings’ lockdown breach is an extension of the Brexit debate, according to Suzanne Evans. The former UKIP Deputy Chair defended the PM’s top aide on Good Morning Britain after he had been accused of flouting the Government’s own lockdown restrictions by travelling over 200 miles when he had coronavirus symptoms. Ms Evans claimed that the outrage over the issue was purely down to a bias against Mr Cummings.

“If he’d had stayed at home with his wife seriously him and him seriously ill and unable to look after and something had gone wrong, how do you think the media would have reacted to that?

“How would they have reacted if he, say, got childcare in?

“Well that would have been a problem as well because they’d say he invited somebody else into his household.

“What if he’d farmed his child on loan to somebody else? He’d have been in trouble for that as well.”

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Ms Evans continued: “The fact is he was caught between a rock and a hard place here.

“The media as a whole, not everybody obviously, doesn’t like Dominic Cummings because he was the architect of the Brexit campaign.

“This is almost a continuation of the Brexit-Remain debate in many respects.

“It’s a visceral hatred of Dominic Cummings that many people have.”

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