Farage issues dire prediction over crunch Brexit talks as Frost faces off with Barnier | UK | News

The Dominic Cummings controversy could land the UK in a Brexit transition period extension, Nigel Farage has warned. The LBC host hit out at the Boris Johnson‘s adviser’s “cock-and-bull” defence of his rule breaking but admitted he was “conflicted”. Mr Farage noted many Remainers had hidden motives for calling for Mr Cummings’ resignation.

Mr Farage continued: “So whatever I think about him is irrelevant.

“A big chunk of me says it’s important that he’s there.

“But another part of me can’t help but think of things like that cock-and-bull story about going to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

“I mean, what do they take us for?”

The special adviser had driven 260 miles from London to Durham with his family after his wife developed symptoms in March, despite official guidelines stating that those in a similar position should remain home and isolate.

Mr Cummings refused to apologise for his actions and said he believed he had acted “reasonably” and within the law.

He claimed he made the trip in his son’s interest so that his family could look after the four-year-old if necessary.

The next set of discussions have begun to take place between the UK and EU via video link.

Brexit talks were stalled after rows broke out between the sides with each accusing the other of being unreasonable in their demands.

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