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The political editor of BBC News argued that even politicians “didn’t really know what to do” after the UK opted to leave the bloc and take back control. She is expected to remain impartial due to her role with the broadcaster on the topics she covers. But in a newly unearthed interview with the Press Gazette, Ms Kuenssberg opened up on the subject of Brexit and how the world had changed.

She was talking to the publication after receiving a top honour for her work during the 2016 referendum.

Five years ago, she said: “Clearly our decision to leave the EU is the biggest political decision we will take as a country for decades.

“No one knows what the consequences will be, good or ill, and therefore I think most people would accept that the consequences of that are bigger than any choice from the general election – although those are of course huge stories too – and you’ve seen politicians grapple with that and they don’t really know what to do.

“We are also in an era where the pundit class has been proved wrong so many times that it’s ok to be a political journalist and say ‘I don’t know’.”

By this, Ms Kuenssberg suggested the result of the referendum had fundamentally changed the way she is expected to work today.

She added: “I don’t think I called it but it didn’t surprise me because we had been on the road for months before the result, not just during the campaign, and we picked up that lots of people felt that [voting to leave] is what they wanted to do.

“It’s kind of as simple as that – you knock on the door and people tell you something.

“And lots of politicians knew it was coming as well but they didn’t necessarily want to say it publicly.”

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However, the petition was scrapped by its host website 38 degrees.

The website’s boss said it had to be taken down due to concerns that it had become a “focal point for sexist and hateful abuse made towards Laura Kuenssberg”.

The claims continued to follow Ms Kuenssberg right up until last year’s general election.

Some members of the public attacked her after she shared a link to the personal blog of the Government’s chief strategist Dominic Cummings.

Critics said by sharing it, Mr Cummings’ views were seen by the public unadulterated.

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