Letter: Extend Brexit transition | Dorset Echo

I ABSOLUTELY support the government’s mantra that we will do ‘Whatever It Takes’.

Which is why I’m supporting Best for Britain’s campaign to extend the Brexit transition period.

It’s not reasonable to expect the government to secure a new free trade deal with the EU while dealing with a deadly situation on our shores.

Extending gives us time to focus on the pandemic now and work out a deal with Europe later. We are facing a crisis that transcends traditional politics. NHS England confirmed resources they put aside for so-called ‘no deal’ have already been released to tackle the virus.

If we cannot get a comprehensive deal in time, how will we weather the double challenges of no deal and a global pandemic?

We cannot control the timing of the virus outbreak. But we do have control of our transition timetable.

And we can be sure we did everything in our power to save lives.

Phil Johnson


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