FEIFA partners with TAM Asset Management in ESG drive

FEIFA, the European trade association, has announced a new partnership with TAM Asset Management, an investment company that has operated across Europe for around 15 years.

“We see this as another excellent and complimentary affiliation, for our members”, FEIFA CEO Paul Stanfield commented.

“Not least given TAM’s expertise in the area of ESG investing. Having agreed a reduced AMC with TAM on its ESG offering, we also feel that we are further assisting our advisers and, ultimately, their clients.” 

TAM is a UK leader with a pricing of only 0.4% AMC to the general market, which will be decreased even further for FEIFA members.”

“We have had the same company name, with the same personnel for around 15 years,” TAM CEO, Lester Petch, stated. “Given our very long-term performance record and strong MiFID II compliant culture, we think we can support a new style and value approach which is gaining some traction across Europe. Our relationship with FEIFA will ratchet this up considerably.” 

TAM has dealt with the Brexit conundrum by forming a fully regulated DFM in Spain (licenced by the CNMV), which is passported pan-Europe. This is a “boots on the ground” operation, according to Petch, with a fully-functioning office housing DFM, admin, compliance and personnel. He believes that this shows a commitment of both capital and personnel.

The relationship with FEIFA members will be directly managed by Tom Worthington at TAM, who is based in Spain.

“The company’s strong IT backbone and web portal delivery is considered one of the strongest available in Europe, operating in GBP, EUR and USD” he explained. “TAM has a strong risk management culture and a “value” priced range of Traditional (0.25% AMC), Passive (0.15% AMC) and Sharia (0.5% AMC) investment offerings.

“With FEIFA we are keen to highlight our long-term ESG investment offering in Europe. We believe ESG investing is the new normal, intensified by COVID-19.  It is mainstream in the UK and will take on a more prominent footing in Europe.”

“TAM is a UK leader with a pricing of only 0.4% AMC to the general market, which will be decreased even further for FEIFA members.”

FEIFA member companies are English-speaking advisory businesses, active across Europe and advising on cumulative assets in excess of €7bn. The Federation is a non-profit trade association and has partnerships with a wide range of companies, including all of the relevant international life companies, major asset managers, and key international pension and trust companies.

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