subsidiaries as of the end of the calendar year or quarter covered in our most recently filed Form 10-K or Form
10-Q, as the case may be, prior to the incurrence of such additional Indebtedness and (ii) the purchase price of any real estate assets or mortgages receivable acquired, and the amount of any securities
offering proceeds received (to the extent that such proceeds were not used to acquire real estate assets or mortgages receivable or used to reduce Indebtedness), by us or any subsidiary since the end of such calendar quarter, including those
proceeds obtained in connection with the incurrence of such additional Indebtedness.

We will also covenant in the Supplemental Indenture that we will
have or maintain, on a consolidated basis, as of the last day of each fiscal quarter, Interest Coverage (as defined below) of not less than 150%.

Finally, we will also covenant in the Supplemental Indenture that we will maintain, at all times, Total Unencumbered Assets (as defined below) of not less
than 150% of the aggregate outstanding principal amount of the Unsecured Debt (as defined below) of us and our subsidiaries on a consolidated basis.

purposes of the foregoing covenants, the defined terms have the following meanings:

“Cash”—means as to any Person,
such Person’s cash and cash equivalents, as defined in accordance with GAAP consistently applied.

“EBITDA”—means for any period, with respect to us and our subsidiaries on a consolidated basis, determined in accordance
with GAAP, the sum of net income (or net loss) for such period plus the sum of all amounts treated as expenses for: (a) interest, (b) depreciation, (c) amortization, and (d) all accrued taxes on or measured by income to the extent
included in the determination of such net income (or net loss); provided, however, that net income (or net loss) shall be computed without giving effect to extraordinary losses or gains.

“Funded Indebtedness”—means as of any date of determination thereof, (a) all Indebtedness of any Person, determined
in accordance with GAAP, which by its terms matures more than one year after the date of calculation, and any such Indebtedness maturing within one year from such date which is renewable or extendable at the option of the obligor to a date more than
one year from such date, and (b) the current portion of all such Indebtedness.

“GAAP”—means generally accepted
accounting principles of the U.S.

“Indebtedness”—means with respect to any Person, all: (a) liabilities or
obligations, direct and contingent, which in accordance with GAAP would be included in determining total liabilities as shown on the liability side of a balance sheet of such Person at the date as of which Indebtedness is to be determined,
including, without limitation, contingent liabilities that in accordance with such principles, would be set forth in a specific dollar amount on the liability side of such balance sheet except to the extent any such liabilities or obligations
include any operating lease of property, real or personal; (b) liabilities or obligations of others for which such Person is directly or indirectly liable, by way of guaranty (whether by direct guaranty, suretyship, discount, endorsement, take-or-pay agreement, agreement to purchase or advance or keep in funds or other agreement having the effect of a guaranty) or otherwise; (c) liabilities or obligations
secured by Liens on any assets of such Person, whether or not such liabilities or obligations shall have been assumed by it; and (d) liabilities or obligations of such Person, direct or contingent, with respect to letters of credit issued for
the account of such Person and bankers acceptances created for such Person.

“Interest Coverage”—means as of the
last day of any fiscal quarter, the quotient, expressed as a percentage (which may be in excess of 100%), determined by dividing EBITDA by Interest Expense; all of the foregoing calculated by reference to the immediately preceding four fiscal
quarters ending on such date of determination.

“Interest Expense”—means for any period, on a combined basis, the
sum of all interest paid or payable (excluding unamortized debt issuance costs) on all items of Indebtedness outstanding at any time during such period.



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