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DUBLIN–()–The “Conversational Artificial Intelligence and Voice Cloning Market: Next Generation Enterprise Solutions by Use Case, Application, and Industry Verticals 2020 – 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

This research evaluates the market drivers and uses cases for conversational AI and voice cloning solutions to execute various business functions such as CRM. The report analyzes the core technologies used to build conversational AI and voice cloning solutions along with the potential application areas across industry verticals.

The report assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the long-term business prospects for this market. It also provides an analysis of leading company strategies, capabilities, and offerings. Forecasts include technologies, solutions, services, applications, tools, and platforms from 2020 to 2025. It also provides forecasts by deployment type, business type (enterprise, SMB, government), industry vertical, and specific applications.

Traditional peer-to-peer communication systems consisting of emails, phone calls, text messages, and face to face meetings have hugely been disrupted with the widespread adoption of next-generation platforms such as social media, messaging apps, and voice-based assistants. This has triggered a major paradigm shift in customer behavior to prefer these alternative communications platforms, providing omnichannel experience regardless of devices. Not surprisingly, younger people are at the tip of the spear of the adoption curve for text but also voice, video, and image sharing.

For additional market segments, a shift occurs in terms of customers’ business engagement expectations when they realize they may engage over their favorite chat platform using text, voice, and video communications. Conversational AI plays a profound role here, automatically communicating with customers as if a real human being, but in actuality an authentically human-sounding, AI-powered bot.

Pandemic mitigation is expected to add a significant growth factor to the conversational AI and voice cloning market as businesses seek to automate operations and enhance worker safety as well as support governmental rules and regulations. As the social distancing, remote work and operation, and massive digitization continue to grow, businesses will be more reliant on providing remote services to customers.

Select Report Findings:

  • The conversational AI platform market will exceed $12B USD by 2025
  • North America will lead the market, followed by Europe and Asia Pacific region
  • Leading technologies are machine learning, deep learning, NLP, and automated speech recognition
  • Call centers are evolving to become AI-enabled customer contact service providers for enterprise services
  • Enterprise services companies are increasingly leveraging AI for CRM as well as inbound and outbound marketing and sales operations

Report Benefits:

  • Forecasts for conversational AI and voice cloning from 2020 to 2025
  • Learn how companies are leveraging AI to enhance their customer contact efficiency and effectiveness
  • Identify opportunities to augment human-based call centers with conversational AI and advanced data analytics
  • Understand how conversational AI will change the communications landscape, starting with retail services, and expanding into other industry verticals
  • Identify leading companies and their strategies, capabilities, and market offerings in support of conversational AI technologies, solutions, and applications

Key Topics Covered:

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Overview

1.2 Research Objectives

1.3 Select Findings

2.0 Introduction

2.1 Conversational AI

2.1.1 What is Conversational AI

2.1.2 Conversational AI Architecture

2.1.3 Core Challenges

2.1.4 Core Principles

2.1.5 Technology Component

2.1.6 Conversational AI and Chatbot

2.1.7 Automatic Speech Recognition

2.1.8 Growth Drivers

2.2 Voice Cloning

2.2.1 What is Voice Cloning

2.2.2 Voice Cloning Architecture

2.2.3 AI Voice Cloning

2.2.4 Voice Anti-Spoofing and Fraud Detection

2.2.5 Core Challenges

2.2.6 Growth Drivers

2.3 Building Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Solutions

2.4 AI-Enabled Personalization

2.5 Enterprise and Customer Benefits

2.6 Artificial General Intelligence

2.7 Artificial Super Intelligence

2.8 Market Drivers and Challenges

2.9 Value Chain

2.9.1 AI Companies

2.9.2 Software/Platform Companies

2.9.3 Analytics Providers

2.9.4 IoT Companies

2.9.5 Connectivity Providers

2.9.6 Enterprises and End Users

2.10 Regulatory Implications

2.10.1 NHMRC

2.10.2 ADA Accessibility Compliance

2.10.3 The Polish Civil Code

2.10.4 GDPR

2.10.5 HIPAA

2.10.6 PCI DSS

2.10.7 FINRA

2.10.8 SOC 2

2.10.9 MiFID II

2.10.10 CCPA

2.11 COVID -19 Impact

3.0 Technology and Application Analysis

3.1 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Technology

3.1.1 Machine Learning and Deep Learning

3.1.2 Natural Language Processing

3.1.3 Automatic Speech Recognition

3.1.4 Computer Vision

3.2 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Application

3.2.1 Chatbots

3.2.2 Intelligent Voice Assistants (IVA) System

3.2.3 Accessibility/ Messaging Application

3.2.4 Digital Games

3.2.5 Interactive Learning Application

3.3 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Functions

3.3.1 Customer Support

3.3.2 Personal Assistant

3.3.3 Branding and Advertising

3.3.4 Customer Engagement and Retention

3.3.5 Employee Engagement and Onboarding

3.3.6 Data Privacy and Compliance

3.3.7 Campaign Analysis and Data Aggregation

3.4 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Use Cases

3.4.1 Healthcare and Life Science

3.4.2 Education

3.4.3 Telecom, IT, and Internet

3.4.4 Bank and Financial Institution

3.4.5 Travel and Hospitality/Tourism

3.4.6 Media and Entertainment

3.4.7 Energy and Utilities

3.4.8 Government and Defense

3.4.9 Retail and E-commerce

3.4.10 Manufacturing

3.4.11 Automotive

3.5 Cloud Deployment and Enterprise AI Adoption

3.6 Software Platform and Tools

3.7 5G Deployment and Edge Computing

3.8 Smart Workplace and Service Automation

3.9 Public Safety and Governments

3.10 Ethical Implications

3.11 Social Scam, Theft, and Call Fraud

3.12 Augmented Reality and RCS Messaging

3.13 Multilingualism

3.14 M2M Communications

4.0 Company Analysis

4.1 Acapela Group

4.2 Alt Inc.

4.3 Amazon (AWS)

4.4 Aristech GmbH

4.5 Artificial Solutions

4.6 AT&T

4.7 Avaamo

4.8 AmplifyReach

4.9 Baidu

4.10 CandyVoice

4.11 Cepstral

4.12 CereProc

4.13 Conversica

4.14 Creative Virtual

4.15 Cognigy

4.16 Clinc

4.17 Descript Inc.

4.18 exClone


4.20 Facebook

4.21 FIS

4.22 Google

4.23 Haptik

4.24 IBM

4.25 Inbenta

4.26 iSpeech

4.27 Interactions



4.30 Kasisto (KAI)

4.31 LumenVox

4.32 Lyrebird

4.33 Microsoft

4.34 Mindsay

4.35 ReadSpeaker (rSpeak)

4.36 Nuance Communications

4.37 Oracle

4.38 Pypestream

4.39 Quosphere

4.40 Rasa

4.41 Rulai

4.42 Resemble AI


4.44 SAP

4.45 Smartbox Assistive Technology

4.46 Solvvy

4.47 SoundHound

4.48 VivoTek

4.49 VocaliD

4.50 Voctro Labs

4.51 Voicery

5.0 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market Analysis and Forecasts

5.1 Global Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market 2020 – 2025

5.1.1 Combined Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market 2020 – 2025

5.1.2 Conversational AI vs. Voice Cloning Markets 2020 – 2025

5.1.3 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Solutions and Services 2020 – 2025

5.1.4 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Technology 2020 – 2025

5.1.5 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Application Type 2020 – 2025

5.1.6 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Application 2020 – 2025

5.1.7 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Deployment 2020 – 2025

5.1.8 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Business Type 2020 – 2025

5.1.9 Conversational AI and Voice Cloning Market by Industry Vertical 2020 – 2025

6.0 Conclusions and Recommendations

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