NFON UK to Offer One-Click Call Recording Integration

NFON UK, the British arm of Munich-based cloud PBX provider NFON AG, recently announced an expansion of its partnership with ASC Technologies AG, a global provider of solutions for omni-channel recording, quality management and analytics.

At the core of this next stage in their relationship is the integration of the new ASC Recording Insights product for NFON’s Nvoice for Microsoft Teams offering. The Microsoft native integration allows NFON customers to reliably record and analyse their calls within the familiar Office 365 environment.

With the launch of this newly released integration, contact centres and regulated industries like financial institutions will be able to easily manage their compliance requirements. All without the need to incorporate external services or tools.

As a long time Microsoft software development partner, ASC Technologies AG has extensive experience helping global companies and organisations power their omnichannel recording and analysis. These capabilities enable organisations to improve their responses and provide better service.

In his statement to the press following the release, Dr Gerald Kromer, Chief Executive Officer at ASC Technologies AG, explained that,

“By integrating our industry-leading ASC Recording Insights cloud service with Cloudya, we are giving organisations that have a legal obligation to record and archive their communication an ability to do so with the snap of a finger, which also fulfils MiFID II requirements”

Simplifying Compliance with Cloud-based Telephony Solutions

With over 115 million daily users, Microsoft Teams has become a global standard for business communications. Over 500,000 organisations across 181 markets use Teams for audio and video conferencing with customers and colleagues all over the world.

For all its features though, Teams requires that organisations connect it with a local telephony service, running their own routing to the PSTN for calling phone numbers. This is where NFON’s Nvoice for Microsoft Teams comes into play, enabling calling through the PSTN from within the Microsoft phone system. As more organisations turn increasingly towards Teams for their calling, they have to uphold their obligations under regulatory rules that require them to record phone calls.

Along with highly regulated industries that are required to record their calls for review by authorities, contact centres as another major user of Teams, have also found that recording conversations for analysis helps improve service.

These use cases require Teams users to seek out solutions that integrate into their Office 365 environment without the addition of clunky external software or hardware.

Now with the Recording Insights integration with Nvoice for Microsoft Teams, contact centre agents and others can record calls with a single click of a button, securely capturing calls, video conferencing, and even screen sharing.

The release of this product as organisations across the globe have shifted their focus to improving their communications infrastructure, especially in the case of solutions that allow them to work productively and securely from remote locations.

In their release to the press, NFON UK expressed how this integration will empower businesses to work successfully during a year of immense changes as they transition into a hybrid work environment that demands the ability to enable work from wherever employees may be.

“We are pleased to bring this product to market so quickly, at a time when businesses need ways to work efficiently via their preferred collaboration tool from any location,” Myles Leach, Managing Director of NFON UK, noting that,

“We believe it’s a great value-added service, which will offer our partners a valuable new revenue opportunity. As a fellow innovator, we are pleased to be partnering with ASC and bridging two best-in-breed technologies”


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