Verint Launches Compliance Recordings for Microsoft Teams

Verint Launches Compliance Recordings for Microsoft Teams

Customer engagement company Verint just announced a new set of integrations with Microsoft Teams. The recording integrations help businesses in a myriad of industries to capture, retain, analyze, and retrieve all communications from Microsoft Teams calls and meetings including voice, chat, online meetings, screen sharing, etc. Compliance, as you know, doesn’t stick to email and phone conversations.

The implications of compliance regulatory legislation like GDPR extend well into collaboration apps where often, sensitive customer data are transferred. COVID-19’s presented no shortage of challenges for unified communications and collaboration vendors that now support millions of first-time customers in regulated industries such as healthcare, government, and non-profits. Head of Technology, Capital Home Loans, Andrew Parker, said the financial services provider’s leveraged the technology to deliver MiFID II and PCI compliance to the Teams platform, adding it’s helped them out a lot:

“We wanted to benefit from the flexibility of the cloud-based delivery model, which has already helped us deliver on key strategic initiatives, reduce business risks, as well as increase our agility”

Verint showcased its Microsoft Teams integrations at this year’s virtual conference, Verint Virtual, which focused on customer engagement. Held on May 20-21, the free two-day event comes as a direct consequence of the novel Coronavirus, which forced the customer engagement company, as well as others, to take this year’s event to a digital audience.

Andrew Parker

Andrew Parker

Also at Verint Virtual, the company announced the winners of the Verint Award. Navy Federal Credit Union, U-Haul, and Vera Bradley took top accolades in a competition that recognizes individuals and, organizations that deploy Verint solutions to meet ‘Key metrics,” demonstrate innovation, and the willingness to achieve customer engagement excellence given the current work climate.

Navy Federal’s took the top prize in the ‘Enterprise Adoption’ category and said it’s used Verint’s workforce engagement solutions for the past seven years. Recently, the credit union expanded further into collections. Since making the switch in 2019, the company said, automation alone saved its team more than five thousand working hours. It’s also taken some of the burdens off nearly a thousand agents so they can take more frequent breaks and have greater flexibility in their shifts. Abandon rates went from 3.3 percent to 2.4 percent, a critical metric as inbound calls almost always results in a sale.

U-Haul won the ‘Operational Efficiency’ category because it uses Verint’s workforce management solution to scale customer service operations while letting employees choose work schedules that offer the flexibility to work from zero to 40 hours a week, in the office or at home. Verint solutions gave a boost to productivity for U-Haul managers and agents helping them to simplify, modernize, and wait for it, automate some tasks including providing automatic approvals for 16,500 requests for time off – and 36,000 shift swaps in the last year. This might have required 30-to-40 full-time managers to perform manually, I was told.

Vera Bradley earned the distinction of top honor in the ‘Customer Engagement’ class. The American handbag and luggage designer wanted to better understand customers, so it implemented “An extensive voice of the customer” program. This is where Verint aggregated cross-channel customer feedback and analytics to understand if customer journeys met their expectations and identified areas in need of reform. Vera Bradley’s organizational Net Promoter Score (NPS) gained two points, and its customer satisfaction score improved by one point this year.

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