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Tom Doris, OTAS Technologies

Tom Doris, OTAS Technologies

Boston – Eze Software Group, the provider of investment technology, has partnered with OTAS
Technologies to integrate OTAS’ real-time data analytics and market intelligence into its execution workflows. OTAS specializes in exceptional activity analysis, using artificial intelligence and big data techniques to translate unusual market movements into actionable real-time alerts and signals.

Complementing the existing in-trade analytics native to the Eze EMS (RealTick), the partnership positions Eze Investment Suite to deliver pre- and in-trade analysis. The integration embeds OTAS’ capabilities directly into the Eze EMS, allowing traders to monitor their entire order blotter and watchlist using OTAS’ apps and features such as the pre-trade TCA “Schedule” app, Intraday Screener and dark/off-book volume alerts.

“At OTAS we are committed to giving investment professionals the competitive advantage needed to enhance their performance, allowing them to be active by exception. With our intelligence and real-time alerts, users can pursue the best transactions and returns while ensuring regulatory obligations such as MiFID II are met,” said Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies.

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