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Stephane Leroy, QuantHouse

Stephane Leroy, QuantHouse

QuantHouse has announced the launch of its algo-trading stress testing solution to help financial firms meet
their MiFID II testing requirements.

The new platform will be hosted at Interxion in London, providing all QuantHouse and Interxion community members with low latency access to the new solution.

Partnering with Interxion means QuantHouse’s new stress testing solution will be available via a single cross
connect through a single API, enabling clients to connect to the platform in order to build stress testing scenarios.

As part of the MiFID II regulation coming into effect in January 2018, firms will be required to introduce
robust processes into their organisations in order to provide effective control methods over increased market volatility. From 2018, investment firms will be required to therefore stress test their algos by running high trade volume tests using at least twice the highest volume of trading reached by a particular firm over a previous six-month period.

QuantHouse has launched its algo-trading stress testing solution as part of its QuantFEED offering. The solution enables clients to build stress testing scenarios from 2x their highest volume up to 10x peak volume.

Stephane Leroy, Business Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer, QuantHouse, said: “QuantHouse is dedicated to supporting clients’ regulatory needs and our new algo-trading stress testing solution is an example of our commitment to providing this support. The solution enables firms to test their production data up to 10x peak volume replaying market data events to ensure their algorithmic trading system can cope with any peaks in the market. Interxion was the ideal partner to help bring this solution to market, as they provide robust, reliable
hosting and provide access to a wide and diverse group of capital markets participants.”

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