Health secretary Matt Hancock self-isolating after possible Covid-19 exposure

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said he is self-isolating after a potential exposure to someone infected with Covid-19.

Hancock tweeted on 19 January that he was alerted by the NHS coronavirus app to self-isolate so said he would be staying at home until Sunday.

“Last night I was pinged by the NHS coronavirus app, so that means I’ll be self-isolating at home, not leaving the house at all, until Sunday,” Hancock said in a video message on Twitter.

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“This self-isolation is perhaps the most important part of all the social distancing, because I know from the app that I’ve been in close contact with someone who has tested positive and this is how we break the chains of transmission. 

“So you must follow these rules, like I’m going to. I’ve got to work from home for the next six days. Together, by doing this, by following this, and all the other panoply of rules that we’ve had to put in place we can get through this and beat this virus,” he said.

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In March, Hancock caught coronavirus as it swept through Westminster, hospitalising Prime Minister Boris Johnson and also infecting his then-chief adviser Dominic Cummings who triggered a major scandal when he drove to his parent’s house in Durham while infected with the virus.

On 18 January, Hancock said Covid-19 hospitalisation rates in the UK were the highest they had been during the pandemic, with one person being admitted to hospital with Covid-19 every 30 seconds.

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