How has COVID-19 impacted clinical trial data collection?

While the global pandemic has caused myriad formidable challenges for clinical trial teams, the continuing demand for new therapies means researchers must look for ways to prevent interruptions and cancellations. Outsourcing-Pharma (OSP) recently spoke with Deepu Joseph (DJ), vice president and global head of clinical data management with Quanticate, about the unprecedented obstacles the virus has caused, and how researchers can harness technology to tackle them.

OSP: Could you please tell us a bit about Quanticate—who you are, what you do, key specialties and what sets you apart from the competition?

DJ: Quanticate is one of the world’s largest global data-focused clinical research organizations (CROs) with a primary focus on data capture, statistical analysis, and clinical trial reporting. As an expert in clinical data, Quanticate can rapidly provide high-quality teams that offer a number of flexible solutions; service areas include clinical data management, biostatistics, statistical programming, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) analysis, medical writing, and statistical consultancy.

Quanticate meets the needs of drug and device development companies by offering customer focused resource solutions from fixed cost or functional service provider (FSP) models through to consultancy. Quanticate has become the trusted supplier of choice for many companies from niche biotechnology and device companies to top tier pharmaceutical giants.

OSP: Please provide an overview of the evolution in data capture and trial reporting in the time leading up to COVID-19.

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