InfoReach announces support for microsecond trading timestamps for MiFID II compliance

InfoReach, Inc., a global provider of high-performance electronic-trading technology for capital markets, announced support for nanosecond granularity in the accuracy of its products’ timestamps.

This new technology serves not only to meet regulatory standards such as MiFID II RTS25 but also to reach further and prepare for the future of the industry by providing exceptional functionality.

MiFID II requirements for clock synchronization, as summarized in RTS-25, require firms and venues to timestamp events accurately relative to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and to an appropriate level of granularity depending on where a trade is executed and the gateway-to-gateway latency of the venue.

Expanding upon their previous millisecond capabilities, timestamps within the InfoReach platform can now be recorded and communicated with accuracy measured down to the microsecond or to the nanosecond. The full InfoReach product line, including the InfoReach FIX Engine, Buy-Side OEMS — TMS, Sell-Side OEMS – TMSbd, HiFREQ Algorithmic Platforms, and InfoReach FIX Network – IFN, will have the ability to receive the appropriate level of granularity from counterparties as well as capture granular timestamps internally and route them downstream, depending on the client’s needs.

The new configuration for MiFID II compliance will be seamlessly integrated into existing installations as required. InfoReach is committed to ensuring proper adherence to regulatory requirements in all regions where clients trade.

Inforeach provides the following forex trading platforms:

  • InfoReach TMS – buy-side Execution Management System for forex trading
  • InfoReach TMSbd – sell-side Order and Execution Management System for forex trading

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