Riskfocus Webinar Part 4

There is no end of research extoling the grim realities or lamenting the high costs and negative impacts of Trade and Transaction Reporting, unfortunately, it’s not going away. We thought it was time to explore the positive perspective. In this enhanced recording of a live event on June 30th we asked four firms with varying stakes in the Trade and Transaction Reporting domain to discuss the perceived, achieved and potential positives to be gained from this unavoidable obligation.

Having been forced to combine and align multiple sources of transaction data, are there internal benefits that have accrued or may accrue?
What data quality controls have been built and how have they benefited the market as a whole?
Has the need for matching at the trade repository improved the quality or integrity of intra-firm processes? Confirmations, settlements etc?
Has delegated reporting improved clients access to data and understanding of the operational flows?
What have we learned from the public data?

Part 4

Delegated Reporting
​Expectations regarding MiFID/MiFIR
​Conclusions from all panellists

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